Elevate your change skills.


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Learn How to Bring More Joy to the Workplace!

5 weeks of practical experience on a change business case

Evening and morning Live Sessions, 5 hours per week

Earn your Change Management Certification and have fun!

This experience combines Live Sessions, instructional videos, a Change Professionals Toolkit, and a platform to collaborate with your classmates and instructors

What makes this program truly special? You learn from a Change Professional and a Business Leader so that you get both perspectives on change. The core content is available for you to consume whenever you want. The Live Sessions are all about exploring the content, using a change simulation and understanding how change can grow Joy at Work.

While the program covers traditional methods and the academic roots of Change Management, the content is forward-thinking and grounded in practical application so you can deliver what business leaders need most from Change Professionals today.

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A collaborative toolset for your team

For the aspects of Change Management that benefit from team collaboration, learn how to use a toolset designed for virtual collaboration.

18 tools and templates

Learn how to use a set of detailed templates:

  • Practical and scalable
  • Available in Microsoft and G-Suite formats
  • Psychological Safety and empathy-in-practice principles integrated into the design

You'll walk away with...

  1. The ability to design a practical change strategy and measurement approach scaled to the right risk level.
  2. The knowledge to partner effectively with business leaders to execute the strategy.
  3. A Change Professionals Toolkit that works for all project methodologies and business practices.
  4. Plus, you’ll have the education required to apply for the Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP) designation.

The Program

Week 1:

Sizing up the change problem, solving the communication challenges and building stakeholder engagement.

Week 2:

Identifying change barriers and leverage points, creating effective strategies to make change easier and coaching leaders to lead the change.

Week 3:

Anticipating and managing reactions and establishing a practical measurement approach for true insights.

Week 4:

Evaluating feedback and change metrics, recognizing progress and risks and making adaptive moves to reach the change goal.

Week 5:

Final exam, what-if scenarios and bonus topics based on student interests.

Approved by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP)

This Change Certification Training Program based on Joy Research is approved by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) as a Qualified Education Provider for the Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP) designation.

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Vibrant Virtual Learning Environment

Live Sessions are held twice a week, plus video lessons, quizzes, Q&A sessions and practice tools help you master the material.

Learn from a Business Leader and a Change Professional

This unique combination of experience gives you both perspectives on change success.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

A private platform to access the latest learning modules, take quizzes, pose questions and engage in thinking time with your cohort.

Live Session Schedule

5 Weeks: April 12 - May 13, 2022

Change Management Training Program Certificate and Badge

Approved by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) for the Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP) designation.

Change Professionals Grow Joy

Change Professionals are uniquely positioned to grow joy in the workplace. That's because they know that how change is introduced has a lasting impact on the culture and has everything to do with whether the business goal is reached. They apply a structured approach to change, showing leaders and their people how to make sense of what's happening and how to reach the goal in a way that's right for the company's culture.

Our Change & Joy method is designed to achieve the business goals of change while contributing positively to the culture of the company -- including both emergent change and traditional change practices.

The Change & Joy method is informed by decades of study and practical application of change models, strategies and techniques. It's also based on data analytics, team dynamics, risk management, business coaching, strategic planning, conflict management, emotional intelligence and positive psychology. 

Join us to learn how to bring more joy to the workplace!



"A great experience! Loved the simulation approach. Fascinating, new perspective on Change Management. Highly recommend for someone looking for the psychology behind change and how to apply it practically."


"I already knew a lot about Change Management after 15 years as practitioner but this gave me a fresh way to think about it. I learned a lot! I could have sat through a standard course to get my education requirement for the CMMP. I'm glad didn't."


"I'm new to Change Management and after taking this course I want to take it to the next level of joy. I hope you come out with an advanced course!"


"The toolset is excellent. I've already started using the collaboration tools with my project team and they really like them! It's hard to get them to pay attention to Change Management and respect how important it is but these tools seem to work. Thank you!!"

Download The What-if Scenarios of Change eBook

Get your copy of the ebook that takes a closer look at the risky situations Change Professionals face every day.

  • What if the leader doesn't want to get involved, is too busy or both?
  • What if people don't think the work I'm doing is necessary?
  • What if the change isn't going well? How do we recover?

Roxanne tackles 27 different What-if Scenarios of Change.

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