Change Leader Series:

Communicate Change with Empathy

As a leader, you're often asked to lead with empathy. But what does that mean, especially in the context of change?

Learn how to know what people need to hear from you during change and if your message is getting through.

We also talk about the common difficult questions people ask when your company is going through change and how to prepare for them.

Why listen to us?

Roxanne Brown: A well-known change expert with more than 20 years of experience in technology, policy and culture change, and related disciplines. She's also the former global President of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP).

Ed Cook: A seasoned leader of teams and large organizations. He's a former Navy pilot who spent a year in Iraq nation-building. Ed teaches Data Analytics at the University of Richmond and has a PhD in Systems Modeling and Analysis.


Savvy Change Leader Program

Five-week Change Leadership training program for business leaders interested in leveling-up their Change Leadership skills. Instructional video lessons, live session simulations, and a set of practical tools.


Change & Joy in the Workplace Certification

Certification for Change Professionals

A full program and full toolset based on Joy Research - a unique experience that includes an opportunity to learn from business leaders.


Change Analytics Concentration

All the tools you need to analyze change. Immediate access to a recorded program of data analytics techniques and tools to measure change, plus a one-day live session simulation applying a change business case.