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Let's Grow Joy at Work Together

For the past six years, we’ve been collecting workplace joy data through surveys and one-on-one interviews. In 2020, we’ve focused on CEO and business leader interviews and so far, we’ve had just over 40 individual conversations.

In our research we’re pursuing two main ideas:

ONE: How can a company’s change process grow joy?

TWO: How can a company create an environment where joy can flourish and how can the employee create joy for themselves, their colleagues, their leaders and the company overall?

We’re learning a lot about how to redefine the company-employee relationship in terms of joy. There’s a lot to discuss so let’s go on this journey together!

No matter what change you're making, even if people don't like it, there's a way to make it happen that creates joy -- which we see as a combination of...


trust, integrity, belonging, cohesion, participation, commitment, accountability, adaptability, growth and respect in the workplace.


There's a lot to discuss so let's go on this journey together!


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