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Let's Grow Joy at Work Together

Since 2009, we’ve collected Joy at Work data through surveys, group exercises and one-on-one interviews. In 2020, we began a project to interview 100 CEOs and business leaders to understand what the phrase "joy at work" means to them and how that shows up in the organizations they lead. At the end of 2020, we were halfway so the project continued into 2021. We also published our Guide to Joy at Work ebook as the first major publication from the joy research.

Today, we're analyzing the data we've collected to build on our initial publication. We're incredibly grateful to have had so many willing participants share their stories, each one taking an unexpected turn.

In our research we’re pursuing two main ideas:

  1. How can a company grow joy when introducing business change?
  2. How can a company create an environment where joy can flourish and at the same time how can the employee create joy for themselves, their colleagues, their leaders and their company?

We’re learning a lot about how to redefine the employer-employee relationship in terms of joy. There’s a lot to get into so let’s go on this journey together!

When people hear the word "change," they often feel fear as an instant response. But what if applying the principles of positive psychology and psychological safety meant you could change and grow joy too?


In our experience, no matter what change you're making there's a way to make it happen that can grow Joy at Work, which we see as a combination of...


trust, integrity, belonging, cohesion, participation, commitment, accountability, adaptability, growth and respect in the workplace.


There's a lot to get into so let's go on this journey together!

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